Booking Policy

Cosmetic Tattoo Information


Hello & Welcome to Tania Louise Cosmetic Design!
Please read through and understand the following important information regarding your upcoming cosmetic tattoo session with TLCD. 

If you have any questions or need to contact me you can reach me on 0422064916 (you can leave a message if there’s no answer) or at

Tania Louise Cosmetic Design operates out of three locations across Melbourne.
– Divine Skin Clinic, Mitcham
– Studio 13 Beauty Lounge, Upper Ferntree Gully
– Nova Skin Aesthetics, Caulfield South
We are by appointment only. operating on Fridays 10am-5pm


A $50 booking fee is required to secure your initial tattoo appointment. This booking fee is non-refundable if you cancel or reschedule within 48 hours of your appointment. Your booking is not confirmed until you have paid your booking fee. You can easily book your appointment online. Your booking fee may be used towards your service on the day

Please view our prices from our website. All new clients to TLCD are considered new, even if you have old cosmetic tattoo done by another Cosmetic Tattooist. Prices are subject to change without notice. Our pricing structure for subsequent maintenance sessions can be found on our services page.


A touch up is required to ensure your tattoo is as accurate as can be. You may even need two touch ups in some cases. Depending on how your tattoo has healed and many factors that can affect how the ink settles within the skin. Your touch up session will be done 4-6 weeks later for brows and 6-12 weeks later for lips. Refer to our services page for treatment prices.

Everyone’s skin takes tattoo pigment differently, because of this many people need touch ups at different stages especially for hair stroke brows as the tattoo does not last as long as a machine brows aka powder / ombre


After your cosmetic tattoo procedure you will receive and aftercare kit; in this kit is your medicone gel, a specific post cosmetic tattoo aftercare. It is important to use this and only this for the initial 5 days afterwards. You will also be given an aftercare sheet on the day of your cosmetic tattoo session. Tania will thoroughly explain your aftercare as well.


Have you had a previous tattoo administered by another clinic?
If you are wishing for us to cover or work over this old tattoo, then you need to email or send clear photos to 0422064916 or Ensure you have no makeup on and take photos in natural lighting. Please include your details so that we can call you as soon as we have assessed your photos. You may be refused treatment if you have old tattoo and have not informed us prior to your appointment. All new clients are treated as a NEW tattoo even if you have old tattoo done by another technician. You may also call me to discuss prior to your appointment

Stop using any peels, vitamin A, glycolic, AHAs, Laser or strong exfoliation on the area to be tattooed, at least 2 weeks before
After your tattoo, you must wait a minimum of 3 weeks until undergoing a facial / peel / laser or using any strong products (please avoid your cosmetic tattoo – this will affect the longevity of it)
Botox or fillers (in the treated area) should be done at least 4 weeks prior to or can be performed 2 weeks after your tattoo appointment.

For your comfort we use a specific numbing during your treatment. This makes the treatment much more tolerable. I’ve even had clients fall asleep during their cosmetic tattoo session.
This is arranged between you and our local compounding pharmacy. As this is considered a scripted drug, the pharmacist will decide if you are suitable.

Please be aware that if you do not give us 48 hours’ notice of cancellation your booking fee will be forfeited. You can reach me on 0422064916 during business hours (you can leave a message if there’s no answer) or email me at to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

*If you suffer from any nervous or anxiety disorders please consider carefully if this is something for you as the process takes a good 12 weeks to be completed and can be an anxious wait as the treatment is not perfected until after healing of the touch up. TLCD will not be liable for any matters resulting from you choosing to stop the procedure prior to your touch up session.

ON THE DAY OF YOUR APPOINTMENT: Do not wear white or light-coloured clothing. Wash your hair the morning of or the night before your appointment as you will not be able to wet the tattooed area for 5-7 days after. Ensure you have supplies of cotton rounds and cotton tips for your aftercare for the 5 days afterwards.

Please feel free to email/sms/call me at time if you have any questions or concerns on or call or SMS on 0422064916