Cosmetic Tattooing

Powder brows | Microblading | Combination brows

Brow Design

Sitting on the fence deciding if cosmetic tattooing is for you?

Come in for a brow design consultation!
We will thoroughly map your brows to the exact millimetre! We will discuss your preferences, our colour options and allow you to see their suitability against your natural hair colour and skin tones. We will pencil in your brows to the design we would follow for your cosmetic tattoo. This gives you a proper visual to how your new brows will finish.
Your perfect brow should be in harmony tol your facial features and compliment your face structure. We take into consideration how you wear your brows with and without makeup on a daily basis, your lifestyle factors and how well your brow tattooing should last. My goal is to align your vision with realistic expectations.

60 Minutes | $75

Cosmetic Tattoo


Feather stroke / Microblading

Feather strokes, also known as Microblading is great for a subtle first time. This technique is done by hand with a small disposable tool which has tiny needles in a row. The skin is lightly scratched into hair strokes to mimic your own natural hair growth. The pigment is then pushed into those strokes to make them darker. Each hair stroke is strategically placed amongst your natural hair to make it look as natural as possible.

The healed results are a soft fluffy natural looking brow

Initial session | 2hours | $599

Powder / Ombrè Brows

Using a single-use needle cartridge and a digital machine, powder brows is creating a soft gradient of colour throughout the brows from light to dark. We are implanting tiny pixels of ink within the skin giving a powdered effect; very similar to wearing makeup. A heavier finish than that of feather strokes / microblading. Suitable for someone who wears their brows defined and a bit heavier

The healed results are a sleek, defined and bold brow.​

Initial session | 2hours | $599

Combination Brows

Combination brows are the two techniques combined; Feather stroke / microblading and powder / ombre brows.

Your brow will have microblading / feather strokes to the beginning of the brows or right through along the edges to create a soft and natural looking outline and beginning. We then fill in the remaining brows using a powdered effect. The results are a natural looking brow with a more defined shape and arch without being too bold.

Initial session | 2hours | $599

*Each client will heal differently and will hold and metabolise the pigment differently. A thorough consultation is required prior to any cosmetic tattoo procedure.

*Your cosmetic tattoo is not considered complete until you have had your 4-6 week touchup after your initial session.

*If you have previous cosmetic tattooing regardless of how long ago please ensure you book in for an initial cosmetic tattoo session. You are considered a ‘new client’ to TLCD.


If you have had your cosmetic tattoo sessions with us please follow the correct time frame for your session.
*If you have not had cosmetic tattoo completed with TLCD then please refer to initial session prices.

*Your perfecting session is 4-6 weeks post your initial appointment.
Please do not book if you have not visited us before.

Durations above are based on when you had your last cosmetic tattoo session with TLCD.

Maintenance prices are only offered to clients who have had previous cosmetic tattoo with TLCD